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Product #1322

Byzantine style crucifix

Byzantine style crucifix

Made of linden wood in 60 inch with a hand-carved 35.5 inch fully round corpus. Oil painting on gold leaf (14 kt.)

This crucifix is modeled after the famous “Crucifix of Pisa” and consists of a hand-carved 35.5 inch three-dimensional corpus instead of a fully painted wooden panel like the original. Its anonymous painter is described as the “Byzantine Master of the Crucifix of Pisa.” It is dated around 1230 and is on display as “Crocifisso n. 20″ in the National Museum of San Matteo in Pisa, Italy. The most significant thing about the original 9′ 9” cross is the historical fact that it is considered one of the earliest depictions of a suffering Christ on the cross, rather than a triumphant Christ free of pain and with his eyes open.

The cross itself is painted with various scenes. Above the title there is Christ Pantocrator at the top with four angels and two seraphs below. Typical for early Byzantine crucifixes, the crying women of Jerusalem are depicted on the right side of the crossbeam. While on the left side, Mary and John the beloved disciple got entrusted to each other by Jesus: „Woman, behold thy son. Son, behold thy mother“. The left side panel is showing scenes from the Passion of Christ: Descent from the Cross – Lamentation of Christ – Burial of Jesus. The right side panel is showing: The three Marys at the empty tomb – Supper at Emmaus – Doubting Thomas. Below Christ feet (below the “Suppedaneum“): The resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

– Available only once as a unique piece –

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