More advanced than digital.

An expression of
fine craftsmanship

Especially in today’s digital age, we want to stay true to high-quality printed brochures. We are convinced that they offer a more relaxed and pleasant reading experience than computers, with which we spend too much time, anyway. Above all, we believe that fine print material represents us best. It embodies many of the things that have high value in our craftsmanship: The tactile interplay with the material, the presentation through color and light and the pursuit of a perfectly crafted result. We also see it as a commitment to analogy, to reality, to perceptibility. As with the wood we use for our carvings, we take our responsibility to reducing the burden on the environment very seriously. Naturally, we print on FSC certified natural paper with a CO2 neutral process in Upper Bavaria. Of course we’ll be happy to send one you a copy of the studio presentation completely free of charge. As a thank-you for your interest in our good craftsmanship.

Our studio presentation

Our studio brochure is divided into two subject areas: In the one, we cover the history of our family with plenty of pictures and information, present our studio, Oberammergau and our way of working in detail and also take a close look at our guiding principles. In the other, a large part of the brochure is devoted to our unique works. We describe our customer service and sketching processes followed by a small but broad range of our individual commissions over 40 pages. The portfolio we present concentrates mainly on our unique works for churches and sacred buildings and provides church committees, architects and liturgical consultants a good overview of our craftsmanship. Please note that brochure is in English.

Order our free brochure

We’ll be happy to send you a copy at no charge. If you wish, we can send you multiple copies, e.g. of our studio presentation. Simply send a short email to info@albl-oberammergau.com. We’ll get in touch with you as quickly as possible.