Fine wooden
since 1556.

Now in its 14th generation, the Albl family embodies wood carving and has had its roots in its home village of Oberammergau in the Bavarian Alps for centuries. Where our ancestors were individual wood carvers, today we have grown into a small family company with our own studio, working together with several workshops and artisans in Oberammergau and the surrounding area. We undertake commissions together with our talented sculptors, carpenters and painters who support us passionately. ALBL Oberammergau is trusted by the clergy and art committees, architects, liturgical consultants and sacred art designers around the world. The focus of our work is, above all, ecclesiastical wood sculptures and liturgical furnishings like altar, tabernacle and ambo. In this, we follow our aspiration that only original works of art carved by hand from the best materials are suitable for decorating churches. All our custom made works for church interiors, traditional crucifixes, statues and figurines of saints and relief carvings are individually sketched, carved and painted according to the wishes of our clients. Our conviction is to work with our clients closely on every single project: from initial planning to the final masterpiece.